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Match is another huge dating site, it is one everyone has heard of. Its been around for years and has millions of members from all over the world.

As we have said on a couple of other sites, this huge site will have huge budgets to play with. This means millions of members which is the good thing, however, it also means their memberships prices will be quite high. Remember, even though you are looking for love, dating sites are a business and they are going to try and make as much money off you as they can. A company that spends millions on TV ads and tube banners will also be looking to please their shareholders.

This is not necessarily a bad thing though, generally the more money that is floating around, the better the company will be. So you will probably find that you will have a good experience on match. This will be important to them as they know you could tell ten of your friends you had an awful time or ten of your friends you had the best time  (These days with social media, you could tell 500 of your friends) this could make quite a difference to how many people sign up.

Match is sometimes described as the paid version of POF. This is simply down to them both being the most famous dating sites in the world. Some people like to think that the paid subscriptions cuts out a lot of the “riff-raff”. This means that you will be left with the people who are actually interested in a meaningful relationship, not just there to mess around.

Like with POF, Match boasts about an impressive number of people who are currently online


members online now




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5. Is there anything you wish you knew about before you signed up?


Think about passing your thoughts onto yourself if you could turn back the clock, would you still use match?



Well as this is such a huge site, the only others to compare it to really are POF or eharmony.


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