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If you haven’t heard of tinder, where have you been? It is basically the biggest dating platform in the world.

So the bottom line is that this is a mobile app, which shows you pictures of people in your area, one at a time. You can look at the image and “tick” them if you are interested in meeting them or “cross” them if you are not. If you both tick each other then you get a match and you can contact each other. It’s a very simple idea that caught on and is absolutely huge.

The app is free and simple; it works for all age groups. If you haven’t given Tinder a go, you might as well.


Its now one of the biggest dating platforms in the world, the term “Tinder dates” is now common place. It will not take too long before you start getting matched and people are really meeting off the back of this app and creating lasting relationships.


Millions of people are on it, which means you will get lots of people who are looking for a serious relationship … but you will also get lots of “riff-raff” who are there to mess around and actually have little interest in meeting someone.

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Tinder humourSocial

The app its self is quite social. It is mentioned quite heavily in the media like this article by the telegraph.

They even have a tinder twitter account.



Well they are really in a league of their own, but there was originally a gay version called grindr. (..but if you are straight this is not really much help)