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The dating agency is a dating site that is very similar to (not to be mistaken for POF). It is a stand-alone site that’s only real purpose is to push people towards one of its three counterparts. These counterparts include their general, mature and naughty sites eg

Once into any of these three sites you will be mixing with like-minded people who are looking for whatever category you selected such as general, mature or adult.

The dating agency is an affiliate dating site that is associated with White label dating, if you what to know more about this then read our blog on affiliate dating sites. This means that you will be looking through a database of hundreds of people but may not be meeting other people who signed up through the dating agency website. There are pros and cons to this that are discussed in our blog.

What are you thoughts?

You then me is about helping other to decide whether or not it is worth their time to sign up to this dating site.

If you have already signed up to the site then why not help others in making up their mind as to whether or not this is the type of site they should consider signing up to? Write a review to help people out, if you have never written a review for a dating site before, here are a few questions that will help you decide;

  1. How long where you on the site? Perhaps you were not on there very long as you found someone straight away? Maybe you left quickly as you had a bad experience?
  2. Did you meet anyone special off the site? Even if you didn’t, did the other people on the site seem real and genuine?
  3. Did you need help from their customer service at any point? Where they helpful?
  4. Was there anything about this site that you didn’t like and felt that they could of done better?
  5. Was there anything about this site that you felt was done really well and different from other websites you have tried?


This website covers a huge range of people so they are basically competing with the entire world of online dating sites. However there are some very similar brands out there as senior dating agency that is very similar and also an affiliate dating site with White Label dating.