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All the people on this site are Christians, I am sure of that as everyone I have spoken to has had strong faith. I have spoken to many women and al of them seem nice and friendly. I am going on a date next week which I am excited about. I wanted to write a review somewhere to say that this site seems quite good actually and I am looking forward to chatting to more people on it. Why not sign up and meet a few people yourself!

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Well, I just found out something new about Christian Mingle. Did you know there was actually a film made about it? This is the first time I have discovered a whole film based around a single dating site. Talk about advertising! Literally, when you search for Christian Mingle, the second link on the page is its IMDB page!

Why not have a look at the trailer for this film here

So, needless to say this is quite a famous Christian Dating site. It is a stand alone site and not part of an affiliate program. The site says exactly what it is, it is a site for like minded Christians to meet each other. The site allows you to search for people of a certain Denomination and list all your activities to do with your Church.

It seems heavily populated and as with most other sites, it has hundreds of success stories.

But we want to hear them first hand.

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This site was set up because we are living in a world with over 20,000 dating sites out there. It is getting to the point where we need to differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly. So we decided to make a review site run by the people. We want to know your opinions on Christian Mingle. For the people who thinking about giving it a go, why not help them out and give them a push in one direction or the other.

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There are hundreds of Christian Dating sites out there from to Why not sign up to all three, see which one works for you, then come back and let us know.


This is site has the usual social integrations with their members through facebook and twitter. It lists blogs on Christianity and religious quotes etc, I am not sure how much help it really is for someone trying to find love but it is relevant to Christianity.