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I signed up to just singles. I have to say I have been on a few sites that appear very similar but it is ok. I have been on one or two dates with people off the site. I do belive that most of the profiles of the people I am chatting to are real. I think if you are in doubt why not give it a go. I mean what is the price of finding someone you love?

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About JustSingles.co.uk

A reasonable new site, just singles has recently burst onto the scene. With huge advertising campaigns, including the TV advert featured below, this company clearly means business.

As with many dating site, this isn’t just a stand-alone brand, it also has a huge host of sub-branded dating sites (Obviously a way to catch as many people passing through as possible). When you first look at the site you see a sign up box, but if you scroll down it is more like a portal site, offering you every niche you could probably think of (under the umbrella brand of “just singles”).

At the top of the page you will see more generic sites such as just senior singles or just parent singles. But if you keep scrolling you will find a huge host of sites from Just teacher singles to just divorced singles. In other words, this site screams, don’t worry if we were not what you were looking for, one of these sites will be. (Or as I like to think of it, please, please, please, spend your money here)

As with many other sites, the aim here is to scoop up and many “singletons” as it possibly can (and with TV advertising, they probably are).  This begs the question, is bigger, better?

List of just singles sub branded sites

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The site has an impressive arsenal of social networks attached to it including Twitter, Facebook, google plus, youtube and even Pinterest.

The site is run by a larger company called Global personals who have hundreds of dating sites (which would account for the huge budget).



If you are looking for generic single sites, you will probably be coming across sites like Match or Eharmony. However, if you are looking for “singles dating”, you will probably be running into sites like Just dating group, or senior singles. (Depending on your age)

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