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Can't trust on escort profiles.

Most of the escort profiles are just to fool you. Escort profiles are created by some one else and those girls don't know whos photos and what all services are mentioned against there name(reason behind is they don't know English). Most of them will take money and refuse to provide service which are mentioned against there profile even profile says verified and you will not get refund also. So best way to check the girl with the photos which are there on site and services they will be providing before payment.... Still they can refuse once payment is done..... I can just say best of luck nothing else. Very bad experience..... No option that's why given one star else zero rating.

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A reasonably new dating site on the block is Now, I don’t know about you but when I think of an “adult dating site”, I begin to think of people who want to meet up for one night stands, however, this dating site is actually pretty tame at first appearance. Before long you begin to realize that this dating site is trying to catch as many people in its net as possible by creating as many subdomains as it can. In fact, the homepage is only really a there to redirect you to a more specific dating site that might suit your needs.

At the top of the page they cover the obvious ones like single dating or, the one that everyone was expecting; naughty dating. Then you begin to see other “sub-dating pages” like mature dating and even Christian Dating (is it just me or does it seem really odd that a dating site called Adults has a Christian Dating section?)

But the people who run this site are clearing trying to breakaway from a very suggestive name, this is clear by watching a page full of their TV adverts that they have created. Very light, fun and friendly almost as if they are trying to say “no this ISN’T an adult dating site, this is simply a site for people over the age of 16”

list of sub-sites


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Adult_dating_listWell this is a hard one, as mentioned before it seems like they are just trying to appeal to everyone and anyone. However, if you initially set off on a journey looking for “Adult Dating”, then you might also fancy having a look at Saucy dates, naughty fish dating or even real adult dating. In fact, if you are just looing for a list of adult dating sites, here it is… although be careful trusting any of the reviews on this page as it is very likely that people have paid for their dating site to be there. In other words not real reviews, just which site owner has the biggest pockets.

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