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Tried this on my phone, never worked, as usual the women are far too demanding

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Zoosk is another massive dating site. It made its fame from being a “plugin” to Facebook. They were the original dating site that said, sign up with Facebook, we will use your Facebook details and you can start meeting people instantly through Facebook. (How many more times can you say Facebook in one sentence)

These days, most dating sites give you the option to sign up with your Facebook account, including the now infamous, Tinder. But this was the cause of the huge rise of Zoosk.

These days I am only reminded of Zoosk through the annoying Ad that appears on your Facebook feed. Some guy I went to high school with once is still using it and has forgotten to turn off the feature that tells everyone else he is using it. Or is that just me?

Well actually, it probably is just me as millions of people from all over the world still use this and have success with it. They have now added the “carousel feature”, in other words they have made their dating app more like Tinder. The most popular use of this dating site is though facebook and google play.

They have recently created this youtube ad which is quite “cute”.. I suppose


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1. Have you used Tinder? What did you think?

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Zoosk have your usual array of social networks on the go from twitter, facebook, blogs etc



No direct competitors here really. Although Zoosk is a free dating site so I guess its main competiton is probably Tinder.