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FREE & No registration necessary!

FREE & No registration necessary!

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Nobody ever answers

Messages go unread, even after the user has been online several times, Profile is supposedly looked at but never get any messages. Another complete was of time and effort. Zero messages in a month, 2 replies that lasted a grand total of 2 messages before being deleted at the other end. Duplicate profiles on other sites just shows they are linked and full of fakes. Don't waste your time or money.

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One big .... con

Ok I used to be a member of this and was horrified that women just want the money and successful types, if you are anything else, forget it

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About Plenty of fish

If you are about to start online dating and have never heard of plenty of fish…where have you been? This is by far the biggest dating site in the world. Why? Because it is free! The owner did try to make people pay on this site once but that didn’t seem to last very long at all, clearly everyone just stopped using the service.

A little fact about Markus Frind, the owner of plenty of fish: within a year of starting the company he decided to just put some adverts on his site. The way these adverts work is, every time someone clicks on one of the ads that are on his site, he would make 20 cents off the company who own the ad. It is a little bit more complicated than this but this is the basis of how it works. Well, because his site was so popular, he was making over 1 million dollars a month off these 20 cents ads on his site.

This will give you an idea about the sites popularity across the world.

So, what does this say about the site? One thing for sure is that the site is heavily populated, as we can see, apparently at 8.30am this morning, 220000 people were actively online. So this isn’t just the people who are signed up, these are the people who are currently on the site.

Number of people on Plenty of fish


But does this bring up an issue of having “watered down result”? As one of my friends put it, “everyone is on there so no one really cares or takes it seriously”. He said ” I have messages hundreds of girls, no one seems to get back and when they do, they are only really interested in chatting and no one really wants to meet up”. On the flip side, millions of people have met and got married off the back of this infamous dating site as you can read on their success stories page.

Now, we are not here to give an opinion so I have tried to give you some positives and negatives. Here is where we want to know from you, the people who use the site.


Tell us what you think?

Perhaps this is a site that really doesn’t need reviews, I meant, the site is completely free, the only thing you would be wasting is time, you might as well give it a go. However, every single dating site out there offers a free trial so you could say this about any site you see.  So, if you have tried this site, let others know what you think. Tell them the things you wish someone had told you before you embarked on your POF journey?

1. Should people bother to sign up? Did you have any luck on this site? For better or for worse we want to know why?

2. Is it worth it? Obviously the site is free, but was it worth your time?

3. What type of caliber of “daters” are there on this site? I have often heard people say, POF is really for a fling, where as the paid sites, such as Match or eharmony are more real relationships. Is this something you would agree with and why?

4. Do you get inundated with junk mail the second you sign up?

5.In your experience, are the people on this site real? Do you feel that they are real people trying to make real contact with other singletons or are they just a bunch of time wasters.

Help others to make up their mind whether or not this site is worth it.