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Hello there and welcome to you then me. You then me is a site where people who have already used dating sites (You) can leave a review to let other people who have not used the dating sites (me) know whether to bother signing up or not. That is where the name You Then Me came from (In case you were wondering).

This week we are looking for reviews on a site called After Dark Swingers. We have noticed that there is a massive amount of people who are looking to leave reviews for swinging dating sites. One of our most reviewed sites is Fabswingers that has gathered a lot of attention.

Having gone through the reviews, it turns out that most people are very unhappy with the service and are seeking other swinging dating sites that might be able to help them with all their swinging desires.

after dark swinging review

What do you think of Dark Swingers?

We think that this might be an alternative option for people who are not happy with fabswingers. We would like to get a few people who have already used this site to leave a review and let others know whether this is a swinging website they should give a go. If you are interested, please leave your thoughts on the issue.

What is

Well as you can probably tell it is a swinging dating website.

The website itself looks very basic, and the design seems about ten years old, but that doesn’t mean that this site does not work. After all, if something is not broke, then why fix it.

The website says that the thing that makes them different is the fact that they do not restrict anything and everything goes on their website. I think that means that we can safely assume that there is going to be a lot of explicit content on this site.

Extras from the swinging site

The sites seem to have one twitter account and a forum and other than that, all there is, is the sign-up box.

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  1. Would you use the site again, and why?
  2. How much does the site cost and is it worth the money?

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