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Mature dating UK is exactly what it says on the tin; it is a dating site for people over 50 who are looking for love. The site is a stand-alone site and not part of an affiliate program, but what do I mean by this?

Many dating sites in the UK actually funnel a lot of their members into the same pool of people. So you could potentially meet someone on a site that actually signed up through a different site. However, don’t panic, its not like you will end up mixing with a load of people who like fetishes and adult behaviour. You will still fall into a database with people looking for the same thing eg Mature Dating. Affiliate programs may seem like a bad thing but actually it is great, it means you get the chance of meeting people hundreds more people. We always say, you should try as many dating sites as you can since you never know which site your future partner might of signed up to. Well, with affiliate dating, this cuts out a lot of leg work for you.

Bigger sites like match, eharmony etc do not do this and are in fact stand alone sites. In other words, if you meet someone on this site, they have definitely signed up for the same site as you.

After that lengthy description, I can confirm that mature dating UK is in fact a stand alone site, which tells us that it is going to be quite a large database.

Other factors here is that it will be quite a unique dating site, with slight differences to how they approach matching.

This site is a site for finding friendship and love. It claims to be safe and secure and has “unique members matching preferences”.

What do you make of it? is a site that has been set up to let new dating members know which site they should sign up to based on real reviews from others that have already used the site. So, if you are reading this now and have been a member of mature dating UK in the past, why not let other people know what you thought of it and weather or not they should bother signing up. Here are a few simple questions you could answer.

1. If you could go back, would you still sign up to the site and why?
2. Did it work for you? Did you meet someone and if not why do you think that was?
3. What was the free trial like? Did you end up paying, if so, how much was it and do you think it was worth it?
4. Did you find the system easy to use or was it in anyway confusing?
5. Have you also signed up to any other site, which you enjoyed more than this one?


The mature dating market is possibly the biggest market out there. Most people would assume it is probably the age group of 20-30 but believe it or not there are far more people between the ages of 50-60 online looking for love. This is great for people seeking love as there will be an abundance of people to meet. But it also means there are going to be lots of dating site owners fighting for your attention. This means lots of competitors.

To mention a few, there is single over fifty dating, mature adults and “plenty more fish silver” (not to be confused with the more famous site plenty OF fish which has nothing to do with this site.)

Have you ever used any of these competitors’ brands, what did you think? Thank you in advance for your dating site review!