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Elite singles is a dating site with a slight difference. They are aiming themselves at higher educated people and/or people with more money. I suppose, “professionals” is probably the term I am looking for. Again, with a lot of dating sites, this is quite clever as it makes it seem like it only a site for a certain type of person, while still actually attracting 90% of us. I mean, you don’t actually need a university degree to sign up, you might just want to meet someone who has a high paid job. This site actually reminds me a lot of uniform dating. You don’t need to have a uniform job to become a member, you might just want to meet someone who wears a uniform to work, so you see, this dating site is actually for everyone really.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, this site claims it has intelligent match making and “delivers up to 7 compatible matches a day in line with your currently search criteria” but to me this just sounds like you are going to be absolutely bombarded with emails begging you to return to the site and spend more money. They claim that their members are “predominantly affluent, educated men and women between the ages of 30-55”.


Below is a TV advert which they launched. As I have mentioned on all these dating site, the sites that spend money on TV advertising, probably charge a little more (as they have to make that money back) however, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Paying sites do seem to get rid of the “riff-raff”. People who sign up to a dating site and pay are quite likely to want to actually meet someone quickly and be pro active about it as they pay more money the longer they are on the site. Where as, a site like POF has millions of profiles, but half of them are not used and the other 48% just have the profile up as a bit of a laugh. I personally, don’t seem to hear that many success stories off the back of it.

Let us know what you think.

Ok so you have heard some of my sceptical opinions on this site but in all honesty this site isn’t about me, it is about the people who have actually signed up and used it. If you are one of these people, spend a moment to letting others know if they should bother with it.

  1. Were you intelligently matched with another “intelligent person”, or did you find that this feature just didn’t really work?
  2. Was it any different to any other dating site you have tried? If so, in what way?
  3. Did you actually meet any people on it?
  4. Did you feel like the site was filled with more intelligent, successful people?
  5. Was it worth the cash? Imagine you were writing to yourself before you signed up to the site, what would you say? Sign up, pay the money or give this one a miss?

Get social

Elite singles has its own facebook and twitter pages if you want to follow them or interact with the company. Their social media seems like a way for them to push out all of their new blog posts. The only issue is, this site is global, so you might find yourself reading about single dads in New Zealand, none the less, it is better than some of the twitter feeds we have seen.


Actually, unlike most dating sites, there doesn’t seem to be a swarm of rip off sites. However, one does seem to crop up called club elite. Also let us know if you have ever tried this site and which one is better.