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About Uniformdating.com.

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, police man, firefighter…work in a super market. The list goes on, this is basically a dating site for anyone who has to wear a set uniform to work. Ok, so that is about 70% of the people in the UK. Oh, it also caters for people who don’t have to wear uniform, but fancy dating someone who does wear a uniform.. So basically everyone. Clever idea really. They made the site sound like its for people who are looking for something specific but actually its just another dating site.

Ok so what is the difference between this dating site and all the others out there? We want to know. The best and only way to get to the bottom of this one is to find out from the people who have used this site.

The site says over 60% of the people who sign up are women… Do we really believe that? We all know dating sites are heavily populated by the guys, this is a clever thing to say as men and women are both very aware of this.

Let us know what you think….

So others can make a decision before wasting their time

1. Do you really get think there are more men than women? This is a tough one to say as if you are a guy as you will only be shown women and visa versa. however, a tell tail sign will be the amount of messages you receive back.

If there really are more men than women, you should be getting more messages back off the ladies than you would on other sites such as match or plenty of fish. (These sites don’t even pretend to have more women than men.)

2. What did you think of the site? Have you been on others similar?  Is more emphasis put on profession on this site? I suppose people think “profession is a great way to categories the type of person I want, if I know their profession, I can make a good guess at how creative/ intelligent they are. I will probably get an idea about their drive and ambition and of course the biggest one of them all, I will know exactly how rich they are. Will that level of cash suffice?”…. Sorry, I began to ramble then.

3. With every site their will be success stories and… no success…stories. So try to be pragmatic about how you judge this site. Did it work well? Was there a tone of spam? Did you get the vibe, they wanted to help you find love, or just wanted you to cough up the cash?

4. Did you feel that any of the members on the site were fake?

5. Did you begin to receive a loads of emails the second you signed up saying, you have had a millions winks and kisses sent to you today. Give us some cash and we will present you with the super models who sent them.

6. Was the site easy to use?

7. Could you filter through your results in a way that was important to you?

8. Any annoying little “catches” that people might want to know about before signing up.

9. Anything you wish you knew about before you signed up.


Get social with uniform dating.

Had a quick look through their social channels like their twitter account and facebook. They are basically clones of each other but quite interesting, if you like things like the image below.



Well, as we established at the beginning, this site is for everyone really. So the competitors are going to be the other big mainstream dating sites such as Match, eharmony etc

Then a shed loads of other people just trying to rip off the brand like we love dates uniform and emergency services dating.