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eHarmony doesn't make it clear that you should answer some questions. There's 400 in fact! It was £143 for 12 months, which didn't seem outrageous. When setting search parameters you have the option to say how strongly they should be adhered to. 3 levels from strict to ignored. I have most of mine on the middle rating. This causes a slightly tedious process on the match page. I am presented with a number of matches (between 3 - 6 new ones each day) it isn't until I click on them that they state if they are inside or 'just outside' my search parameters. I then have to engage my brain to figure out which search parameter they are outside, as it doesn't say. Some are easy to spot: the match is 33 but my lower search limit is 45. or they live in Scotland - about 100km further than my search range. However, why are they even coming up? I will update this review when I have spent more time working through the search settings. You don't have to answer the 400 questions straight away, I jsut answer a few more each time I look at a match. But lots of the questions are hard to answer, although you have the option of creating a comment. Once you;ve answered a question you can't change it. Grrr.

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About Eharmony

Well you have probably already guessed that the “e” in eharmony stand for electronic (just like with email). “Electronic harmony” is the name of the game here. They claim that they can do this through scientifically matching people. However, anyone who has ever been on e-harmony will know this basically means they will ask you three hours worth of questions then match you with people who have similar interests.

This is great as it probably means the people they introduce you to probably will have a lot in common with you, however, it also means you could waste a lot of time for them to tell you there is simply no one who they can find for you. (this has honestly happened to a few of my friends)

This site is huge and is well known all over the world which basically means one thing… huge budgets! This is great news as it means everyone has heard of it so millions of people are signed up. However, it also means that they have spent millions on advertising so the fee for this site will be higher than others. (they need to make that money back somehow!)

Here is one of their TV adverts that was recently aired in the UK


What we want to know off you!

As you know, we are not here to give an actual opinion on the site, just roughly inform you about it. We want to keep this site in the publics hands. So leave a review and let other know what to expect with their time on eharmony.com.

1. How much does it currently cost, please give the date of when you signed up as prices can change regularly.

2.What was your first impression? Were you bothered by filling in all their questions?

3.Did you actually find what you were looking for? This is really the only thing that matters. I have said it before and I will say it again, even if you have a terrible¬†experience on a dating site but meet the love of your life, then you can’t really complain. However, this site is there for people who are thinking of giving it a go, so would you recommend that they do?

4. Have you tried other similar sites? How does it “fair up”?

5. Generally give people some feed back, what were the positives and negatives of using this site? Should they give the free trial a go? Should they just cough up the dough as the experience is totally worth it ?

Get social with e harmony

As per usual, eharmony are doing the whole social thing. Check out their twitter and facebook accounts here. Nothing massively interesting here, just a load of blogs and tweets about finding love. But then again, what else are they going to talk about?


E harmony is one of the most well known dating sites in the world, so i guess that their main rivals are going to be the other “biggies” like Match, POF, and these days, even tinder!