About YouThenMe.com

Our thoughts on online dating

The Internet has made the world a better place, it is now easier than ever to interact with others, stay in touch and share great things that you find online. We feel that one of the most significant changes the Internet has made to our lives is online dating. Apparently 1/3 of us have tried it at some point and last year nearly one in five people met their partner on an online dating platform.

With apps like tinder exploding onto the scene, you can be meeting future partners on your phone anywhere; from underneath your desk at work to sitting on the toilet in your nans house. We truly believe that it has and will continue to bring people together… but there is one problem arising. Where there is huge audiences willing to spend cash, there are thousands of business men and women looking to get a piece of the action. It has become incredible easy to set up a dating site and just plug it into a ready made “online dating package”.


Are there now too many dating sites?

There are over 65000 dating sites out there. Whether you are looking to meet someone who has the same hair colour, or someone who wears a uniform to work, there will be a niche-dating site to suit your needs. But what seems to be happening is the amount of dating sites out there, is on the rise.

What happens if one day you need a site that helps you choose what kind of dating site you need to sign up to? In a way, a dating site for dating sites.

It’s beginning to get that way already, for example, just go to Google and type “Match” or “POF”, look at the millions of competitors. Now, if you are looking to sign up to Match or POF, this obviously isn’t a problem, but what if you do want to try something new, something you have never heard of before? Well why not take your advice of others who have already tried it?

You then me is an online dating review site run by the users. The way it works is the users can come on, leave reviews for dating sites they have been on, give the dating site a star rating and leave their opinions. Other people can then read these reviews to help them decide which is the right site for them. If you agree or find a review particularly helpful, then you can give it a thumbs up, the thumbs up comments will always be listed at the top of the page as the most helpful review so it will be the first one people read when trying to make up their mind (like amazon reviews).


What do I do if my site isn’t reviewed?

Simple, send us the review site you would like to be reviewed, we will create the page within 2 hours, then just wait for the reviews to start pouring in! If you would like to review a site that hasn’t been reviewed yet, send us the site and your review, we will create the page within 24 hours and you could be the first person to leave a comment on the page.


The plan

Over time we would like to build up a site with a review of almost every dating site out there (created by the real members). Eventually people will be able to search for any dating site out there and be able to see reviews and stories before making the plunge.

Have you got an interesting story or review of a site? Why not leave one today?